Practical Outdoor Gardening

Practical Outdoor Gardening

This section deals with one of the most enjoyable and exciting aspects of gardening - actually getting out there and adding plants to the garden! With information and advice on how to carry out a wide range of garden tasks, including propagation, cultivation, planting and pruning, we aim to be your helping hand in the garden.

There are a wide variety of methods that may be used to propagate and increase your plants, including taking cuttings, sowing seeds, layering, dividing, budding and grafting. This section examines all these techniques in detail, guiding you through each process every step of the way.

One of the most important skills that successful gardeners learn is how to cultivate the soil to create the best possible environment for new plants. You'll find a number of helpful guides to introduce you to forking and digging techniques, including some essential information on how to dig correctly without any aches and strains.

There's also an extensive planting guide, packed with details on how to choose, plant and take care of a whole range of species, including alpines, bulbs, climbing plants, perennials, lawns, shrubs and hedges.

Finally, there's a look at the art of pruning. This may be carried out to improve the appearance of plants, influence fruiting and flowering, control their size, rejuvenate old trees and shrubs or train young plants. The pruning section discusses techniques for a wide variety of plants, such as climbers, roses, hedges, shrubs and trees, as well as offering some handy tips and advice on why and how to prune.

Propagation Techniques
Everything you need to know about growing plants from seed, along with a look at how to increase stocks of your existing plants by taking cuttings, layering or division.
Cultivating the Soil
Your guide to working the soil, with advice on forking and simple, single or double digging.
Detailed advice and step-by-step guides about planting in your garden, from alpine plants to topiary projects.
A comprehensive look at why, when and how to prune, including specific advice for shrubs, roses, trees, hedges and climbers.