Why Prune?


There are a number of reasons why we need to prune; to restrict a plant that is outgrowing the space given to it and to remove dead, diseased or damaged sections (termed renovative pruning) or to stimulate young growth, to encourage the flowering or fruiting of weak plants and to restore health and vigour to neglected ones (termed regenerative pruning). Pruning may also be undertaken to improve the shape of shrubs, hedges and trees (formative pruning).

To learn more about all three types of pruning, select a category from the menu below.

Renovative Pruning
This type of pruning may be used to prevent or treat damage and disease.
Regenerative Pruning
Use this method to promote healthy new growth, better quality blooms and more vigorous flowering.
Formative Pruning
This technique may be used to create shrubs and trees with an attractive and well-balanced shape.