The digging techniques generally used today are: simple, single and double digging. The majority of gardeners will only need to double dig newly cultivated soil once, although many keen vegetable gardeners may repeat this task every few years.

Autumn and early winter is the best time of year to dig the soil; in summer the soil is often very dry, whilst mid-winter or spring soils may be wet, frozen and impossible to work. After cultivating in autumn, the turned clods will be broken down by the winter frosts and snow, improving the soil structure even further.

It's important to remember to use the right digging technique in order to avoid back strain and other injuries. Following this safety guide will help to ensure your digging jobs remains pain-free.

Simple Digging
The most basic digging technique, used to cultivate most soils.
Single Digging
A form of digging useful for creating regularly shaped areas of evenly cultivated soil and for incorporating large quantities of organic matter.
Double Digging
Work previously uncultivated soil and improve drainage by using the deep digging technique.
Digging Safely
How to dig safely without straining your back.