Although boundaries, structures and surfaces make up the framework of the garden, it is the planting that makes up its heart. There are a vast range of different plants available, from tiny alpines to soaring trees, and from annuals that will provide you with a brief but showy display of colour, to perennials, that will re-emerge year after year.

In fact, with this wide choice available, you're bound to be able to find the right planting option to suit your garden, no matter what its style, size, climate or soil. In this section, we aim to help you choose, buy and plant bulbs, border plants, climbers and shrubs, along with offering advice and information on establishing and caring for lawns, hedging and topiary.

Choosing & Buying Plants
A comprehensive look at how to choose and buy plants at the nursery or garden centre.
When to Plant
General tips and guidelines for the best time to plants your shrubs, perennials, bedding plants, bulbs and trees.
Advice on choosing, planting and maintaining alpines and rock garden plants.
Annuals & Biennials
Everything you need to know about the plants that complete their life-cycle over one or two growing seasons.
Find out how to plan and design a border, with advice on maintaining it throughout the year.
Bulbous Plants
A look at buying, planting and lifting bulbs, tubers, corms and rhizomes.
Climbing Plants
A wealth of advice, tips and tricks for buying, planting, supporting and looking after climbers.
Container Planting
Your guide to planting and caring for window boxes, pots and hanging baskets.
How to plant, trim, shape and renovate deciduous and evergreen hedging.
Advice on planning, installing and looking after high quality, utility or sports lawns.
Everything you need to know about the mainstay of almost every garden: the herbaceous perennial.
Discover how to choose, buy, plant and look after the shrubs in your garden.
A comprehensive look at choosing, planting and taking care of trees.
Detailed advice and step-by-step guides for creating bold, stylish topiary designs for your garden.