Understanding Climate


The climate has a vital influence on the types of plants you can grow in your garden, how you need to care for them and how well they will flourish. It is usually best to work with the effects of the weather, rather than struggle against them, choosing plants that thrive in the prevailing climate.

A plant's response to the climate of your garden does not solely rely on the local weather conditions (rain, temperature, wind, sunlight, frost or snow), but also on the garden's location, aspect and terrain. For example, a shrub planted halfway up a garden slope may fare much better than one situated at the bottom of the hill, where it may be situated in a frost pocket.

In this section, we take a look at all the aspects of climate, including some helpful advice on how to protect your plants from the elements.

Climate Zones
How the general, local and micro climate affects your garden ...
Elements of Climate
How the major elements of frost, humidity, rain, snow, sun, temperature and wind affects the plants in our gardens ...
Protection from the Elements
How to protect your flowers, shrubs and trees from the damaging effects of windy or cold weather ...