Watering Cans


A watering can is invaluable for watering plants indoors or for small areas outside. A bucket-like reservoir holds the water with a bowed handle on one side. There is a long spout on the opposite side that may be capped with a rose or a dribble bar.

Choose a lightweight can that feels balanced when full, and holds a generous amount of water without being too heavy to carry. A 9 litre (2 gallon) can is a convenient size for general outdoor use, weighing 8 kg (18 lb) when full. The opening should be wide enough and positioned in a way that will make it easy to fill from a tap.

Cans for indoor use should have a long spout to reach into plant pots and window boxes.

Never use the same watering can to water plants and to apply liquid weedkiller. Keep one can separate to use with chemicals and mark it clearly.

A variety of spout attachments are available to soften the flow of liquid.

  • Fine Rose: Good for seeds and seedlings as the spray will not damage them or wash away the compost.
  • Coarse Rose: Good for established plants; delivers a faster stream of water.
  • Dribble Bar: Good for applying weedkiller; more accurate than a rose and creates less spray drift.