Leaf Clearance Tools


Leaves may be cleared from the garden with equipment as simple as a besom brush, stiff broom or lawn rake, or as sophisticated as a purpose-designed leafsweeper or blower.

A wheeled leaf sweeper has a set of rotating brushes that lifts leaves and throws them into a large collecting bag, making make the task of gathering and disposing of leaves much quicker. Sweepers are light, easy to manoeuvre and quiet to use.

Powered leaf blowers tidy the garden by blowing the leaves into a pile for collection. However, there are models available that can also vacuum the leaves straight into a collection bag; some versions even incorporate a mulching tool that can reduce up to 10 bags of raked leaves to 1 bag mulched leaves. Leaf blowers tend to be very noisy to use, and in fact petrol-driven models have been banned or restricted in some areas of North America in a bid to reduce noise and air pollution. Electric models are usually much quieter, lighter and easier to operate.