A strimmer (or nylon-line trimmer) is an electric or petrol-engine powered, hand-held mower for cutting grass under trees, near fences and other areas too rough or small for a standard lawn mower. The cutting device is a flexible, nylon cord that rotates at high speed to slash through grass and other soft-stemmed plants or weeds. Some models have an adjustable head that may be tilted to cut the vertical edges of lawns and can therefore replace the traditional lawn edging shears.

How They Work

A nylon cord is wound onto the strimmer reel leaving both ends extended horizontally from the reel housing. The motor turns the reel (and so the cord) whilst the user moves the strimmer across the area to be trimmed. As the line is worn or breaks off, the operator knocks the reel on the ground so that a release mechanism allows some of the line to extend and replace the spent portion.

When using a line trimmer:

* ALWAYS wear robust boots and clothing (especially trousers), goggles, hearing protection and gloves.
* ALWAYS use a residual current device (RCD) when operating an electric strimmer.
* ALWAYS disconnect the power before replacing the line or removing grass stalks that have wound onto the reel.
* NEVER use an electric strimmer on wet grass.