Lawn Shears


Long-handled lawn shears are designed to trim grass in awkward areas, such as around trees, fences and walls. The blades are set at 90° to the handle and cut in a horizontal plane, i.e. parallel to the ground. This is in contrast to edging shears, where the blades are set so that they cut vertically along the lawn's edge.

Lawn shears seem to have become unpopular over the last few years, mainly because they can be time-consuming and physically demanding to use. They have largely been replaced by nylon-line strimmers, despite the fact that these tools are actually heavier and are far more expensive.

To reduce back and neck strain when using lawn shears, make sure that you choose a model that is the right size for your height; some versions are available with telescopic handles so that you can adjust them to suit your needs exactly. Look for shears with lightweight aluminium handles and cushioning rubber grips to combat the effect of jarring.