Choosing the right lawnmower will depend on the size of your lawn, the type of cut you require and how easy to handle you want your mower to be. Whilst a manual push-mower would be quite adequate for a small lawn, anything larger will need either a petrol-driven or an electric rotary or cylinder mower.

Cylinder mowers feature cutting blades on a revolving cylinder and produce the finest cut, whilst rotary mowers have a blade that rotates underneath the machine, making them particularly good for long, overgrown grass. Some rotary mowers work on a cushion of air (hover mowers), making them very easy to manoeuvre.

This section will guide you through the process of choosing a new lawnmower, as well as offering safety tips and advice on keeping your mower in great condition.

Once you have selected your lawnmower, our Planting section offers a wide range of help and information on caring for your lawn, including some handy guidelines on how to mow.

Choosing a Lawnmower
Manual, petrol-driven and electric-powered cylinder, rotary and hover lawn mowers ...
Lawnmower Maintenance
Advice on how to keep your mower in good condition ...
Lawnmower Safety
Essential safety features for your lawn mower ...