Lawn Edging Tools


Edging tools can help you to give your lawn a neat, defined finish. Edging may be carried out manually using a half-moon edger and edging shears, or with a petrol or electric-powered edger.

Half-Moon Edger

Also known as a lawn edger or edging iron, this fixed blade tool features a half moon shaped cutting edge attached to a long wooden or metal handle. The top of the half moon is usually rolled or flattened to serve as a step edge for the user's foot. The blade is driven through the turf with a rocking motion to remove uneven lawn edges or cut away small areas of turf for repair.

When using a half-moon edger, avoid back problems by using alternate feet to push the blade into the ground and by making sure that your back is kept upright as you dig.

Long Handled Edging Shears

These shears feature vertical blades, which are ideal for cutting overhanging grass around lawn edges. Make sure that the handles are long enough so that they may be used without stooping.

Powered Edgers

Petrol or electric powered edgers typically have a sharp circular blade mounted on a powered wheel. This adjustable blade can be run along the edge of the turf to create a clean line for your lawn. Alternatively, nylon string edge trimmers (similar to grass strimmers) may be used, where a monofilament nylon line spinning vertically at up to 12,000 rpm acts as the cutting blade.

To create the neatest finish, use a manual edger to establish the edge around lawns, paths and beds; subsequent maintenance throughout the season may then be carried out using powered or manual models.