Garden Shears


Garden shears are invaluable for clipping hedges and cutting long grasses and they may also be used for cutting back herbaceous plants or trimming topiary. Although their 20-25 cm (8-10 in) long carbon steel blades can cut twigs and branches up to 1 cm (1/2 in) thick, shears are often best kept for light trimming work. Loppers and saws should be used to tackle heavier stems and branches, whilst lawn shears should be used to trim grass more closely to the ground.

As with all cutting tools, clean and oil shears lightly after use, and sharpen regularly.

Buying Tips

  • Shears should be light, strong and comfortable to use; look for versions that include rubber 'shock absorbers' between the blades.
  • Check the weight and balance; if the blades are too heavy, they will be tiring to use.
  • Single-handed shears have a spring-mechanism that allows you to work them with one hand. However, they are only suitable for cutting very soft stems.