Garden Knives


A knife is a handy tool in the garden for many reasons, and can be used for tasks such as:

  • Light pruning
  • Taking cuttings
  • Grafting
  • Cutting twine
  • Harvesting fruit or certain types of vegetables

General purpose knives may be used for almost any garden task, other than heavy pruning. A special pruning knife may be used for that job; its large blade curves downwards, allowing a controlled cut to be made.

There are also knives specially designed for budding, grafting or even pruning peaches. Multi-purpose knives usually contain a range of different knife styles, such a large blade for light pruning and general use, a smaller one for grafting and an attachment for budding.

Most blades are made from carbon steel that must be dried carefully after use and then wiped over with an oily rag. The handle may be made from plastic, metal or wood with the blade fixed, or alternatively, set so that it folds away. Always make sure that folding knives are held securely when they are shut, but not so firmly that it is difficult to open them.

Garden knives should be sharpened regularly, to the same angle as when new.