Water Gardens


Water gardens, also known as aquatic gardens, have become very popular in recent years. Usually referring to a man-made feature, these gardens typically combine a pool with aquatic plants and possibly ornamental fish. Fixed items such as rocks, fountains, statuary, waterfalls and watercourses can be combined with the pool to add visual interest and integration with the local landscape and environment.

The appeal of water brings a special fascination to any garden: a pool has a natural tranquillity, whilst a stream offers the added interest of sound and movement.

If you are incorporating a water feature into your garden scheme, ensure that its design complements the rest of the garden and the house. In a formal garden, a symmetrical pool with a distinct edge will work well. A fountain, waterspout or evenly stepped waterfall could also be included to add movement and an interesting change of level. A more naturalistic pond with a curving, irregular shape would be attractive in an informal setting; the edge is best partially softened by moisture-loving plants and attractive stones.

If there is enough space, a watercourse or stream leading into the pond and channelled over stones or cobbles creates an appealing sight and sound. To allow the feature to blend in well with the natural landscape, you should try to use local stone or slate. For more information on design, construction, and planting, see our section on water features.