Mist Units


Mist propagators generally consist of a self-contained enclosed unit that houses a heating element, a thermostat, a misting head and a transparent lid. This supplies the propagating material with a constantly humid atmosphere, giving seeds the best possible chance of successful, easy germination and early, healthy growth and providing cuttings with an excellent environment in which to root quickly.

Why Use a Mist Unit?

The mist unit maintains a constant film of water on the plant material, which reduces the amount of water lost from the leaves by transpiration and the amount of heat lost by evaporation. In addition, fungal spores are washed out of the air and from the leaves whenever the misting head is in operation, which reduces the risk of fungal disease.

How it Works

The misting unit comes complete with an 'electronic leaf', which is positioned amongst the plants to sense the amount of water falling on them. When it dries, it sends a signal to a solenoid valve that opens and allows water to flow to the misting system.

After a pre-set length of mist burst (usually a few seconds), the misting systems closes. The automatic system can often be overridden to give continuous spray or mist if required.