Propagation Equipment


Although propagation can be undertaken with very little specialised equipment (some seeds, a pot and some compost), just a few simple additional pieces will dramatically increase your chances of consistent success.

Propagators may be used to provide the warm, humid atmosphere essential for seed and cutting growth, especially when combined with soil-warming cables and mist units. Cold frames are useful for providing plants with a place to acclimatise to outside conditions before being planted out.

In addition to commercial products, homemade equipment may be used to supply a warm, humid atmosphere that will encourage rapid germination and healthy growth. Low-cost propagation ideas include using cut-off clear plastic bottles upended over pots or suspending polythene bags over pots or trays with canes or with wire twisted into hoops. Care must be taken with both methods to keep the leaves of the seedlings away from the plastic, as they will rot if they come into contact with the surface moisture.

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Propagation Compost
Using the right compost will give your seeds and cuttings the best chance of success.
Seed Trays
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A look at how propagators create a warm, humid atmosphere for seeds, seedlings and cuttings.
Mist Units
Find out how mist propagators can provide seedlings and cuttings with the perfect propagating environment.
Cold Frames
The ideal 'halfway house' between the greenhouse and the outside world.