Using Trees in Your Garden


When choosing a tree for your garden, there are a number of factors to take into account. Will the tree's shape and form suit the style of your garden? Is the tree's growth and habit suitable for the size of your site? You may also want to choose a tree based on its features; its foliage, fruits or flowers. Those of you with smaller gardens may want to ensure that the tree you choose provides a number of interesting features, such as attractive flowers in the spring and stunning foliage in the autumn.

We aim to guide you through all those decisions, with tips and advice on choosing just the right sort of tree for your garden.

Considering the Climate
A look at how rainfall levels, temperature and humidity may affect your choice of tree.
Tree Shape & Form
Find out how the choice of tree form and shape can affect the look and feel of your garden.
Bark, Foliage & Flowers
The bark, leaves, berries, fruits and flowers of trees can provide a wide range of additional interest to your garden.
Trees for Year-Round Interest
The right choice of trees can offer you a display of flowers, foliage, fruits and other interesting elements through all the seasons.
Trees for Small Gardens
Some handy tips and advice choosing the type of tree for a small garden.
Using Trees as a Screen
Find out how planting trees can provide privacy and shelter from wind and frost.
Using Trees in Containers
A container-planted tree can provide your garden with instant interest.