Planting Trees


When planting a tree, you should carefully consider your garden's climate, site and soil before making your choice of species. It is then vital to provide your eventual choice with the best possible growing conditions as it should hopefully remain in place for decades or even centuries; careful preparation, planting and aftercare are essential in making sure your tree establishes quickly and grows well.

This section will help guide you every step of the way when choosing the right tree species and planting position, including advice on how to plant, protect and take care of your new tree.

Tree Buying Guide
Discover the different types of tree available, along with advice on selecting the best examples.
Choosing the Right Site
Find out how to take your garden's microclimate into account before choosing where to plant a new tree.
Choosing the Right Time
A look at the best times of year to plant a new tree.
Storing Trees
What should you do if you can't plant your newly-purchased tree straight away? Find out here.
Preparing the Site
How to prepare the site for your tree before you start planting.
Planting Container-Grown Trees
Step-by-step guide to planting a container-grown tree.
Planting Root-Balled Trees
Your guide to planting a root-balled tree.
Planting Bare-Root Trees
Tips on planting a bare-rooted tree.
Planting Trees in Containers
Find out how to plant a tree in a container.
New Tree Care
Advice and information on looking after newly-planted trees.
Staking Trees
Adding the right type of stake can help to protect your tree from strong winds.
Tree Ties
Learn how you can secure a tree to its stake firmly and safely.
Protecting Trees from Damage
Discover how you can protect your trees from damage by animals or from the elements.