Tree Maintenance and Other Tasks


The majority of newly planted trees need feeding, watering and other general maintenance during their first few years in order to establish well, although the exact amount of maintenance required will depend on the microclimate, site and tree species. Trees in containers may additionally need to be top-dressed every year and re-potted every three to five.

You may also need to carry out other routine tasks such as pruning or removing tree branches. However, if a tree fails to thrive, you may need to consider transplanting to another part of the garden, or even felling it.

General Maintenance
A guide to feeding, watering and mulching your trees.
Container Tree Maintenance
A look at the daily and long-term maintenance steps for trees grown in pots and other containers.
Transplanting Trees
A step-by-step guide to moving a tree to another part of the garden.
Pruning Trees
A comprehensive look at pruning evergreen and deciduous trees, with additional information on coppicing, pollarding and removing branches.
Cutting Down Branches
Your step by step guide to removing branches.
Felling Trees
Everything you need to know about cutting down a tree - safely and legally.