Choosing the Right Tree for the Conditions

When choosing any type of tree, it is always best to select a variety that will thrive in the conditions your garden has to offer, rather than trying to make the conditions suit the tree.

Take some time to learn about your garden environment; find out what type of soil you have, the level of exposure to winds, the areas of sunshine and shade, and the amount of rainfall the garden receives.

We've put together a series of handy guides to help you to choose trees that will flourish in a range of different conditions, such as in exposed or polluted sites, as well as information on selecting trees for their particular properties, such as their ability to provide interest over a number of seasons.

Trees for Exposed Sites
Discover which trees are able to withstand growing in very windy or exposed areas.
Trees for Polluted Air
See which trees are able to survive in gardens exposed to air pollution.
Trees for Winter Interest
A guide to the trees that will provide your garden with interesting leaves, stems, flowers or berries over the winter months.
Trees for Successional Interest
Discover the trees that can provide the garden with a range of decorative foliage, colourful stems, or attractive blooms over two or more seasons.
Trees for Containers
A look at the variety of trees that are particularly suitable for growing in pots and containers.
Trees for Small Gardens
Some examples of trees that are a good choice for a smaller garden.
Specimen Trees
Find out which trees may be used for specimen planting, where they may act as a focal point for the garden.