Guide to Planting and Caring for Trees


Adding trees to your planting scheme will give your garden a feeling of permanence and maturity, and provides a link with the broader, external landscape. Their distinctive outlines and grand forms provide a striking contrast with the gentler lines and softer shapes of other plants. Trees can also provide the garden with a wide variety of features with their varied shapes and forms and the differing textures and colours of their leaves, bark and flowers.

In this section, you'll find a complete guide to choosing, planting and maintaining your trees; including advice on choosing the tree with the features that will complement your garden, step-by-step guides on how to plant a variety of different trees, and  tips on how to take care of your trees.

Using Trees in Your Garden
Everything you need to know about selecting trees for your garden, based on their shape, form and features.
Planting Trees
Your step-by-step guide on how to plant and care for new trees.
Tree Maintenance & Other Tasks
A look at some of the maintenance tasks that will keep your trees looking healthy, including advice on removing branches, felling and transplanting.
The Gardening Year
A schedule of tree maintenance tasks, including planting, coppicing, mulching and propagation.
Choosing the Right Tree
Learn which trees can be planted in containers, exposed sites, and other conditions, along with varieties that provide seasonal interest.