Maintaining Your Lawn


Once your turf, seeded or non-grass lawn is fully established, you will need to keep it regularly maintained to make sure that is remains healthy and attractive. The actual amount of time you will have to spend on this will depend on the size and style of lawn and the general site and climate.

The most regular and frequent tasks to carry out will be mowing, edging and watering, but you may also need to spend some time on annual maintenance, such as fertilizing, aerating and top-dressing.

New Lawn Care
Some tips for caring for your new lawn during its first growing season.
Mowing Lawns
Your guide to mowing, including the height and frequency of cut for high quality and utility lawns.
Edging & Trimming Lawns
A look at how to trim and re-edge your lawn.
Watering Lawns
Find out how you can prevent unsightly brown patches on your lawn by regular watering.
Fertilizing Lawns
Applying fertilizer to your lawn manually or by using broadcast spreader, spinning disc and drop spreader machines.
Aerating Lawns
Learn how you can reduce thatch and aerate the soil by scarifying, slitting, spiking or coring.
Applying Top-Dressing
This application of sand, soil and peat will level any surface irregularities and ensure that the lawn remains aerated.