Establishing a Turf Lawn


Although establishing a lawn by turfing is more expensive than seeding, it will give you an immediate visual effect, and may be used within two to three months. This can be particularly useful if you have pets or children that may disturb grass seedlings before they are established.

In this section, we take a look at how to establish a turf lawn, from choosing the right turf type, to laying it, as well as tips on moving and storing turf.

Types of Turf
A look at the differences between purpose grown, sea marsh and meadow turf.
How to Store Turf
Find out what you should you do if you are unable to lay your turf immediately.
How to Lay Turf
A step-by-step guide to laying a new turfed lawn.
How to Lift Turf
A look at cuttting, lifting and trimming turf ready for re-laying.