Establishing a Non-Grass Lawn


If you are planning to create a new lawn from non-grass species, such as chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), prepare the site and soil as for a grass lawn, making final preparations such as firming, creating a fine surface tilth and applying fertilizer.

Planting the Lawn

Pot-grown specimens, rooted cuttings, divisions or seedlings should be planted at 15-30 cm (6 -12 in) intervals; the closer they are, the faster they will form a lawn, although at greater expense. Keep the site well watered, especially during dry periods.

Lawn Maintenance

Once the plants have established and covered the site, trim the lawn when necessary with hand shears, a rotary mower or a nylon-line trimmer.

The non-flowering chamomile cultivar 'Treneague' is naturally very low-growing, and so its use is often preferable to that of the flowering cultivars, as they usually require frequent trimming and the dead flower-heads can look unattractive.