Planting Climbers in Containers



  • Choose a pot or container large enough to accommodate the climbing plant for at least two seasons. Make sure that the pot is not too shallow, and that it is frost-proof if the climber is to remain outdoors in winter. You should also bear in mind that stone, concrete or terracotta pots are much more stable than plastic ones.
  • There are trellis panels specially made for containers, which have two 'legs' at the base. These should be firmly bedded into the compost before planting (rather than after), to avoid damaging the plant's roots. The top of the trellis should be tied to a wall or fence to keep it secure.
  • The potting medium should be free-draining but also moisture-retentive; use a mixture of 2 parts peat substitute (or peat) to 1 part sharp sand or a loam-based potting compost.
  • Enhance the compost with a slow-release fertilizer by mixing it into the compost according to the manufacturer's instructions.