Choosing the Right Climber for the Conditions

When choosing any type of plant, it is always best to select a variety that will thrive in the conditions your garden has to offer, rather than trying to make the conditions suit the plant.

Take some time to learn about your garden environment; find out what type of soil you have, the level of exposure to winds, the areas of sunshine and shade, and the amount of rainfall the garden receives.

We've put together a series of handy guides to help you to choose climbing plants that will flourish in a range of different conditions, such as in acid or alkaline soil or in polluted air, as well as information on selecting climbers for their particular properties; for example, their speed of their growth or fragrance.

Climbers for Acid Soil
Find out some of the climbing plants that require acidic soils.
Climbers for Alkaline Soil
A look at the range of climbing plants that can tolerate growing in a very alkaline soil.
Climbers for Clay Soil
A guide to climbing plants that can grow in heavy soils.
Climbers for Sandy Soil
Details of a wide number of climbing plants that prefer to grow in sandy or well-drained soil.
Climbers for Shade
Find out which climbing plants can tolerate growing in shady conditions.
Climbers for North Facing Walls
A look at the different hardy and non-hardy climbing plants can tolerate growing on a cool, north facing wall or fence.
Climbers for Containers
A look at the variety of climbing plants that may be grown in pots and other containers.
Climbers for Polluted Air
See which climbing plants are able to survive in gardens exposed to air pollution.
Scented Climbers
Looking to add fragrance to your garden? These climbing plants will provide you with scented blooms.
Fast Growing Climbers
The climbing plants shown in this list grow quickly, which can be useful if you want to cover an unsightly feature.
Evergreen Climbers
A guide to the different varieties of evergreen climbing plants.
Climbers for Ground Cover
Discover the range of climbing plants that can be used to create ground cover for the garden.