Guide to Planting and Caring for Bulbous Plants


Bulbous plants provide us with a glorious display of flowers throughout the year; from the cheerful, yellow daffodils of spring to the hardy winter flowering Cyclamen. They offer us a wide variety of textures, scents and colours, and include such examples as the towering purple-red spikes of Gladiolus or the dainty electric-blue stars of Ipheion.

Whether forming striking patterns in a formal bed, providing a splash of colour in a container or creating sweeping displays in grass or beneath trees, bulbs are sure to bring a sense of vitality to your garden.

In this section, you'll find an extensive guide to the world of bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes, from buying and planting to lifting and storing. If you're searching for the right type of bulb, take a look at the handy planting guide, where you'll find suggestions for choosing bulbs for use in different situations, such as those that will thrive in shady positions, those suitable for rock gardens, or those that are particularly suitable for cutting. Information about dividing or scaling bulbs may be found in the propagation section.

Types of Bulbous Plants
Find out the difference between a bulb, a corm, a rhizome and a tuber.
Bulb Planting Schemes
A look at how you can brighten up your garden with spring, summer, autumn or winter bulbs.
Buying Bulbs
Advice on choosing and buying dry, moist or pot grown bulbs.
Planting Bulbs
How to plant bulbs indoors and outdoors, along with advice on growing them in the dark (forcing).
General Bulb Maintenance
Keep your bulbs looking their best by deadheading, feeding and other bulb maintenance tasks.
Thinning Out Bulbs
How to lift and divide clumps of overcrowded bulbs.
Lifting & Storing Bulbs
A guide to lifting and storing your bulbs at the end of the season.
Lifting & Storing Corms
How to lift and store tender corms such as gladioli.
Choosing the Right Bulb
Learn which bulbs can be planted in shade, exposed sites, and other conditions.
The Gardening Year
A handy checklist for planting, lifting and dividing bulb, tubers and corms.