Guide to Planting and Caring for Alpines

Although the term 'alpine plant' is often used to include low-growing rock garden plants that may be grown successfully at relatively low altitudes, strictly speaking, alpine plants are those that originate at high altitudes above the tree line. Both types of plants display an abundance of attractive, brightly coloured flowers, and their diminutive form and compact habit make them particularly suitable for growing in a relatively small space.

This section will guide you through the process of how to choose and buy alpines and other rock garden plants, as well as providing detailed advice on planting and maintenance. If you're planning on building a rock garden from scratch, take a look at the handy step-by-step guides to building and planting a rockery. If you have limited space, there's also details on how to plant a trough with alpines.

Types of Plant
A look at the characteristics of true alpines and rock garden plants.
Selecting Plants
Your guide to choosing the right plants for a rock garden.
Buying Plants
Advice and information on shopping for alpines and other rock garden plants.
Growing Mediums
A look at some of the different soil medium recipes for alpines and rock garden plants.
How to Build a Rock Garden
Your step-by-step guide to building a rockery.
Planting a Rock Garden
Find out how to plant up a new rock garden.
Planting a Trough
Discover how to plant up a trough, sink or other container with alpines.
Pruning & Trimming
Find out how to trim, prune and tidy your alpines and rock garden plants.
General Maintenance
How to care for your alpine plants.
Choosing the Right Rock Plant
Learn which alpine or rock plant should be planted in acidic soils, dry shade, exposed sites, and other conditions.