Bog Gardens


A bog garden can provide your garden with an attractive, naturalistic feature that will also act as a haven for wildlife. They are an excellent way of utilising waterlogged ground, or they may be created in drier terrain using a liner under the soil to retain moisture.

They are especially effective sited next to ponds and pools, where they can provide a subtle link from the water plants to the planting in the rest of the garden. In fact, a carefully positioned bog garden can significantly improve the look of water-side plantings around the edges of pools and ponds, extending the range of plants that can be grown.

In this section, we take a look at the different ways to create a bog garden, along with some tips and advice on making and planting your own.

Bog Garden Styles
A look at naturally formed and man-made bog gardens ...
Making a Bog Garden
A detailed guide to installing and planting a bog garden for moisture-loving plants ...