Mortars & Concrete


Concrete is a study construction material that is relatively quick and easy to lay, forming a durable and hardwearing surface. It is commonly made from a mixture of Portland cement, mineral aggregate (generally gravel and sand), and water. When it is left to set, the cement hydrates, gluing the gravel and sand together to create a stone-like material.

Mortar is used to fill the gaps between bricks, stones or paving slabs, binding the blocks together. It is made up from a mixture of sand and cement and may be applied a dry bedding mix, or with the addition of water, as a paste which then dries hard.

In this section, we've put together the formulas for the most commonly used concrete and mortar mixes, with a handy step-by-step guide to laying concrete, whether it's for paving or as a foundation for a structure such as a deck or patio.

Concrete & Mortar Recipes
Find out the correct proportions for a number of concrete and mortar mixes, from pouring concrete to dry bedding mortar ...
How to Lay Concrete
A detailed guide to preparing the foundation and laying concrete for a variety of uses ...