Gravel Gardens


There is an increasing trend to use gravel as ground-cover, often instead of a conventional lawn or border. Gravel provides an attractive foil to the plants grown through it, and once laid, requires very little additional attention. This low-maintenance style of gardening works particularly well in areas where the soil is dry and poor, as the gravel keeps the underlying soil moist and weed-free.

There are several different sizes of gravel available, ranging from 10 mm diameter pea shingle to the larger 20 mm stones. You may find that although small gravel is attractive, the larger diameter gravels will tend to stay put more easily and are less likely to end up being used as cat litter.

However, the drawback of gravel gardening is that, once laid, it is difficult to change your mind; removing gravel is much harder than putting it down. It is always best to think carefully before committing yourself; perhaps start with a small area to make sure that you are happy with the effect.

Creating a Gravel Garden
Our step-by-step guide to creating a low-maintenance gravel garden ...