Using Trellis in the Garden


Trellises are usually made of wood (although they can also be found in wire and plastic), and can act as both a decorative and a practical feature in the garden.

They may be fixed against walls or fences or secured to the tops of them. Alternatively, they may be used on their own as screens or partitions. Panels come in a range of patterns and shapes, usually consisting of standard squares or diamonds, although herringbone trellis can be particularly effective for screening. More elaborately designed panels are available for creating garden arbours.

In this section, we offer you some tips on making your own trellis, and the easiest way to put up free-standing trellis in your garden.

Garden Trellis Facts
Ideas and advice on using trellis in your garden ...
Making Trellis
A step by step guide to building your own framed trellis ...
Erecting a Trellis
How to fix trellis to a wall or create a free-standing trellis ...