Dealing with Sloping Ground

There are two ways to erect a fence on sloping ground: the fence may slope with the ground or may be built as a series of stepped horizontal sections. The method you should apply is largely dictated by the type of fencing you want to use.

A Racked (Sloped) Fence

In this style, the line of the fence runs parallel to the slope, whilst the fencing boards and the posts are the same height they would be on level ground. You will need to use a fencing system that consists of individual planks nailed to rails, such as a Types of Garden Fence closeboard.

Racked or Sloping Fence

To build this type of fence, set a temporary post at the top and bottom of the slope and stretch a string line between them both. The arris rails will run parallel to the slope, rather than running horizontally between the posts. Cut the base of each plank or featherboard at an angle to match the slope, and fix them to the rails vertically, resting them on a gravel board instead of the rails.

A Stepped Fence

If you are intending to use a panel fence on sloping ground, then you will need to erect it in a stepped style. The fence is put up as it would be on level ground, except that the posts must be longer; the extra height depending on the width of the fence panels and the gradient.

Stepped Fence

The triangular gap beneath each panel may be filled by building a low brick wall, stepped so that the panels sit on it. Alternatively, angled gravel boards may be cut and fixed into the gaps.