The Vegetable Garden


In early spring, plant perennial vegetables, such as globe artichokes and asparagus, in prepared ground. Sow hardy annual vegetables in a warm, sheltered place outdoors (or under a cloche); try broad beans, dwarf French beans, carrots, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts, lettuces, potatoes, parsnips and turnips.

Tender vegetables, including onions, leeks, tomatoes and celery may be sown under glass.

By mid-spring, seeds and plants started under glass may be pricked out and hardened off. Sow carrot seeds halfway through the season, along with beetroot, broccoli, spinach and kale.

In late spring, vegetable such as carrots and potatoes that were grown under a cloche or in a cold frame will be ready for harvesting. Asparagus may also be harvested as soon as the shoots reach 15 cm (6 in).

Continue to sow seeds such as carrots, lettuces and onions to give a succession of crops throughout the summer. Peas may also be sown, ready for harvesting in late summer.