In early spring, cut out any dead, diseased, and damaged wood. Prune the roots of any established trees that are growing too vigorously. Any formative pruning should be carried out in early to mid-spring, along with pollarding and coppicing of trees that are grown for summer foliage or winter stems, such as Chinese cedar (Toona sinensis 'Flamingo') or red-stemmed willow (Salix alba subsp. vitellina 'Britzensis').

Plant container-grown, bare-rooted or root-balled trees in early to late spring (as soon as weather conditions permit), and ensure that they are well watered. Feed all trees and apply a layer of mulch spread over an area about 30-45 cm (12- 18 in) larger than the tree's root system. Check stakes and ties and adjust where necessary.

In mid-spring, carry out any renovation of evergreen hedges and trees and start to clip topiary to maintain their shape.

Propagation of trees may be carried out in the spring by taking softwood cuttings, air layering or simple layering.