Procedure Steps
Sowing and Laying
  • Prepare soil for laying turf or sowing grass seed in early spring.
  • Lay turf or sow seed in mid to late spring.
  • In early spring, roll lawn before mowing if it has been lifted by frost during winter.
  • Start mowing when grass begins to grow, starting with blades high and lowering them gradually as the spring goes on.
  • In late spring, mow weekly, adjusting to summer cut height.
  • May be needed in dry areas from mid-spring onwards.
  • Apply spring fertilizer in mid to late spring, unless moss is present (see below).
Aerating and Scarifying
  • Lightly scarify in mid to late spring: scratch with a rake.
Weed and Moss Control
  • Apply lawn sand to get rid of moss. Remove with raking when it has turned black.
  • Apply selective weedkiller, or dig out small patched of weeds by hand.
Other Tasks
  • Recut edges if required.
  • Sweep away wormcasts.
  • Carry out any restoration work.