The Indoor Garden


Clear away any plant debris and scrub the inside of the greenhouse with garden disinfectant. Watch out that greenhouses do not overheat on warm days; open them up to cool them down and to allow air to circulate. Keep an eye open for pests and diseases and deal with them as they occur.

Prepare greenhouse beds and soil benches and start sowing bedding plants, if not done in late winter. Take leaf and softwood cuttings for propagation in early spring. Pot on, re-pot, or renew the top-dressing of established plants as necessary.

Once growth is under way, start feeding and increase watering; mist-spray plants that need high humidity. Remove any dead leaves and flowers unless seed is needed. Thin out and harden off seedlings, reading for planting out in the open ground. As the level of sunshine increases, apply shading to the glass and ensure that there is adequate ventilation.