Family: Araceae

These two species of herbaceous, marsh or swamp plants are grown for their beautiful blooms, which have showy spathes that autumn away as the flowers mature, and bold, showy foliage. Once these plants become well estab­lished, they tend to suppress weed growth.


L. americanus, yellow skunk cabbage, has large, dark green leaves and yellow, arum-like flowers. Its common name refers to its extremely unpleasant odor.

L. camtschatcense, white skunk cabbage, from Japan, is odorless, and has handsome, pure white spathes enclos­ing small, yellow flowers.


Plant in swampy areas or beside a garden pool. Propagate from seed or remove offsets from main clumps in spring or summer.


Zone 6.

Lygodium      Lysimachia