Family: Lycopodiaceae
Common Name: Tassel Fern, Club Moss

These evergreen fern allies, many of which are Australian natives, include the epiphytic tassel fern.


L. dalhousieanum, blue tassel fern, is a beautiful, Australian species, with large, hanging, greenish blue stems. It is reputedly hard to cultivate.

L. phlegmaria, common tassel fern, grows in a range of habitats in north-eastern Queensland. It is one of the easiest tassel ferns to cultivate, with its tolerance of cooler temper­atures and variable conditions.

L. squarrosum, water tassel, native to India and Australia, has very pale green, hanging stems.


In frosty climates, grow in a warm greenhouse or conservatory. Use them in slat­ted, wooden orchid baskets hung from the roof. Fill with peat-based, soilless potting compost with added sphagnum moss (chopped) and pieces of charcoal. Provide good light, but shade from direct sun. When the plants are growing, mist spray them daily and water nor­mally. Keep the compost only slightly moist in winter.


Warmest parts of zone 10, and above.

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