Family: Brassicaceae
Common Name: Honesty

This genus includes only three species of perennials and biennials, often grown as annu­als. They are cultivated for the pretty purple or mauve flowers and the curious, translucent, cir­cular seed pods which are often used in dried floral arrangements. These plants tend to self-seed freely.


L. annua, from the Mediterranean, has an erect habit, to 80 cm (32 in), with scented, purple, white or pink flowers. There is a varie­gated form with leaves edged in white. The perennial L. redeviva grows to around 90 cm (36 in) and has scented, pale lilac flowers.


This hardy plant will grow in most conditions, but needs space to spread. It prefers some shade, especially in warmer areas. Propagate from seed in late spring, or L. rede­viva by division in spring.


Zone 8.

Luffa      Lupinus