Family: Asteraceae

Hardy, herbaceous perennials from temperate Europe and Asia these large, daisy-like summer flowers are usually yellow or orange.


L. dentata, zone 4, from China and Japan, is useful for growing at the edges of a pool. It reaches around 1 m (3 ft) high. Cultivar 'Desdemona' has large leaves tinged with purple, and orange flowers; 'Othello' has large leaves and orange flowers.

L. hodgsonii, zone 5, from Japan, is a smaller species, only 90 cm (36 in) high, with distinctive, rounded leaves.

L. japonica, zone 5, also a native of Japan, does well around the margins of a pool, growing to 1-1.5 m (3-5 ft) tall.

L. przewalskii, zone 4, growing to about 2 m (6 ft), produces spikes of small, yellow flowers and stems tinged with purple.


Grow in a sheltered spot in moist soil and full sun. Propagate by division in spring or from seed sown outdoors in autumn or spring.


Cool to cold climates for all.

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