Family: Monimiaceae

Of these three species of evergreen trees, one originates from New Zealand and the other two from Chile. They all have very aromatic, leath­ery leaves, the fragrance of which is similar to that of the bay laurel.


L. novae-zelandiae, with oblong, coarsely toothed leaves, reaches heights of 35 m (100 ft) in its native habitat of New Zealand.

L. sempervirens, from Chile, grows to around 25 m (80 ft). Its tufted seeds are blown long dis­tances by the wind. The fruits are used as a spice.


Grow in well-drained, but moisture-retentive, soil in sun or semi-shade, with shelter from winds. Propagate during summer from semi-ripe cuttings.


Zone 9.

Lathyrus      Laurus