Family: Philesiaceae
Common Name: Chilean Bellflower

This lovely, climbing plant originates from Chile and is that country's native emblem.


L. rosea grows with suppport 3-5 m (10-16 ft) high and produces a profusion of deep pink to red, bell-shaped flowers with a waxy, translucent appearance. It has a long flowering period through summer and autumn. The leaves are a glossy, bright green. Var. albiflora has white flowers.


Where frosts are likely, grow in a cool conservatory or greenhouse. Grow in a pot or tub of acid, soilless potting compost with added grit. Good light is needed but shade from direct sun. Outdoors, grow against a sheltered wall with partial shade, in moist yet well-drained, acid to neutral soil which contains plenty of humus. Propagate by layering in the spring or from semi-ripe cuttings, taken in the summer.


Warmer parts of zone 9.

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