Family: Lamiaceae
Common Name: Dead Nettle

These rhizomatous perennials, from Europe and Asia, are very useful groundcover plants for shaded areas of the garden, such as under trees and shrubs. The kidney-shaped leaves are often variegated with silver, and the two-lipped flow­ers appear in late spring and summer.


L. galeobdolon, zone 6, with yellow flowers, is known as yellow archangel. It comes from Europe. Forms with silver-variegated leaves are commonly grown. It can be rather invasive in warm climates.

L. maculatum, zone 4, to 30 cm (12 in), has purple, pink or white flowers. The leaves have a central white rib. Cultivar 'Aureum' produces leaves blotched with yellow, and the foliage of 'Beacon Silver' and 'White Nancy' is heavily marked with silver.


Most species prefer cool, moist situ­ations and do well planted under trees. Propagate by division in early spring or autumn, or from stem tip cuttings in early summer.


There are species suited to various climatic zones.

Lambertia      Lampranthus