Family: Cucurbitaceae
Common Name: Bottle Gourd

Originating from tropical South America and Africa, this genus comprises six species of vine. Many of the fruits, or gourds, come in unusual shapes and are useful for decorative dried arrangements, while native peoples use them as utensils and containers.


L. siceraria, calabash or bottle gourd, has climbing tendrils and white flowers in summer, followed by ornamental gourds of many colours, shapes and sizes, including round, striped, oval, dumbbell and cylindrical. Cultivar 'Hercules' Club' produces long, club-shaped gourds.


Easily grown as an annual, these vines need a warm, sheltered situation and some kind of support. Water and fertilize well while gourds are forming. Propagate from ripened seed sown in spring. 1)o not subject plants to frost.


Zone 10; grown outdoors as a summer annual in all climates.

Laelia      Lagerstroemia