Family: Sterculiaceae
Common Name: Flannel Bush

This small genus of two or three species of trees and shrubs originates from the south-western parts of North America where they occur in dry canyons and woodlands and on mountain slopes. The stems and leaves are covered with silky brown hairs which may cause skin irrita­tion. Their very decorative, yellow flowers appear over a long period from late spring to late summer.


F. californicum is an evergreen shrub to 5-6 m (16-20 ft) high and about as wide. It reaches to about 6 m (20 ft) in its native California. It has dark, lobed leaves and pro­duces masses of saucer-shaped, bright, golden yellow flowers from late spring until well into autumn. It can be grown in a shrub border or trained against a wall.


Grow in very well drained, neutral to alkaline soil that need not be especially rich. Flannel bush flowers best in full sun and it needs protection from cold winds. The best position in the garden is against a sunny, warm wall. Established plants are tolerant of dry con­ditions. Plants trained against a wall can be spur pruned in late winter by cutting back the old flowered shoots to within three to tour buds of the main framework branches. Propagate in late summer from semi-ripe cuttings.


Zone 8.

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