Family: Acanthaceae
Common Name: Nerve Plant

Originating from Peru, these two species of beautiful, dwarf trailers are widely grown as indoor plants. The veins on the leaves are white, red or otherwise coloured.


F. verschaffeltii, known as nerve plant, painted net leaf or silvernet, is the most com­monly grown species. It has dark green leaves veined with rose-red. Var. argyroneura, silver nerve plant, has clearly marked, white veins.


Grow in a warm greenhouse or con­servatory, or in a warm room in the home. Good subjects for terrariums. The plants can be grown in shallow pots or hanging containers and prefer soilless potting compost. Provide good light but shade from sun at all times. A humid atmosphere is essential. Do not over-water, especially in winter. Keep the compost only slightly moist. Propagate from tip cuttings in spring, rooting them in a close propagating case. Stems can be layered at any time.


Tropical climates only.

Firmiana      Flindersia