Family: Asteraceae
Common Name: Blue Daisy

This South African genus comprises around 80 species of annuals and perennials widely grown for lovely, blue daisy flowers which bloom nearly all year if regularly dead-headed. Some species are attractive border or rockery plants as they trail and cascade. They can also be used as a groundcover, clipped as low hedges or grown in containers. The species below are frequently used for summer bedding. (F. amelloides can be grown as an annual.)


F. amelloides, blue daisy or blue mar­guerite, is a bushy, evergreen shrub, with a spreading habit. It grows up to 60 cm (24 in), producing blue daisy flowers among the round to oval, bright green leaves. In colder climates it makes an effective indoor plant. There are named varieties of this species, including a form with cream variegated leaves.

F. bergeri­ana, the kingfisher daisy, is a mat-forming annual, with delicate, blue daisy flowers which open only in sunshine, so it needs a sunny spot. Summer flowering, it grows to just 20 cm (8 in).


Most species cannot tolerate frost and need to be kept indoors or in a glasshouse in colder climates. Any well-drained soil will do, but they must be grown in full sun for best flowering. Although tolerant of dry conditions, occasional deep watering in dry periods is nec­essary. Prune after spring and autumn flowering to encourage blooms. Propagate from seed or from cuttings.


Zone 9.

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