Family: Aizoaceae
Common Name: Tiger Jaws

Native to South Africa, these stemless, mat-forming succulents are mostly covered with white, irregular spots. They have thick, fleshy, grayish green leaves, keeled towards the tip, and toothed margins. From late summer to autumn, the large, stemless, golden yellow flowers, sometimes reddish on the outside, rarely white, open in the afternoon. They make very attrac­tive pot plants for sunny windowsills.


F. felina, cat's jaws, has vivid green or reddish leaves, with indistinct, white dots, and golden yellow flowers, 5 cm (2 in) in diameter.

F. tigrina, tiger jaws, has triangular, gray-green leaves covered with white dots and edged with white, recurved teeth. Large, golden yellow, daisy-like flowers bloom in autumn, emerging from buds that are often reddish. This species which forms clumps is easy to grow.


Grow in pots of cactus compost in an airy, intermediate greenhouse with maximum light. Water sparingly in winter, moder­ately in the growing season. Propagate from seed or stem cuttings.


Zone 9.

Fatsia      Feijoa