Family: Araliaceae
Common Name: Tree Ivy

A bigeneric hybrid of Fatsia and Hedera (ivy), x Fatshedera is an attractive plant and one easily cared for, with dark green, leathery, ivy-shaped leaves, to 25 cm (1 in) across, which grows to between 1 and 2 m (3-6 ft). The heavy, textured foliage resembles a large leaf ivy rather than Fatsia.


x F. lizei has dark green leaves, while the foliage of the cultivar 'Variegata' is edged with cream-white. 'Annemieke' (Synonym: 'Lemon and Lime') has yellow-variegated leaves.


Indoors, this plant needs light and warmth, and a regular application of liquid fer­tilizer. Propagate from small cuttings which will take root in water or sandy soil. In the garden, grow in partial shade in well-drained soil and mulch well. Give ample water in dry summers.


Zone 7. Good for cool, moist climates.

Farfugium      Fatsia